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Mixed Vegetable Creamy Masala

Onion - 2 nos:Carrot - 2 nos:Potato - 2 nos:Beans - 6-8 nos:Refined Oil - 4-5 tbspCumin Seeds - 1/4 tspSalt - as requiredFresh Cream - 3 tbspCoriander Leaves - as required (finely chopped)For Gravy
Onion - 1 (cut into cubes)Tomato  - 1 (cut into cubes)Ginger - 1 small pieceGarlic - 5-6 petalsTurmeric Powder - 1/4 tspRed Chilli Powder - 2 tspGaram Masala - 2 tspPreparation Method
Grind the ingredients for gravy to a smooth paste without adding water and keep aside.In a wok bring oil to heat and saute the vegetables separately with a pinch of salt, till the vegetables are half cooked.Remove the vegetables from oil and keep aside.In the same wok bring 1 tbsp oil to heat and splutter cumin seeds.Add the ground paste to the oil and saute in low flame till nice aroma comes out.Add 1/2 cup water to the masala, mix well and bring the masala to boil.Add the sauteed vegetable to the gravy, mix well and adjust the salt.Cook the vegetables in low flame, keeping the lid closed, stirring o…
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Kichdi / Kichadi

Rice Kichadi is healthy, protein rich and comfort food especially for kids and sick. Kichdi is an easy to make, delicious, one pot meal. Ingredients
Moong Daal - 1/2 cupRice - 1/2 cupGhee - 2 tbspCumin Seed - 1/2 tspBay Leaf - 1Ginger-Garlic Paste - 1 tspGreen Chilli - 1 or 2Onion - 1 (finely chopped)Tomato - 1 (finely chopped)Vegetables (carrot, beans, green peas) - 1 cup (optional)Asafoetida - 1/4 tspTurmeric Powder - 1/2 tspWater - 4 cupsSalt - as requiredCoriander Leaves - as required
Preparation Method
Wash and soak rice and moong daal separately. After 15 mins, strain to remove excess water and keep aside.Heat ghee in a pressure cooker and splutter cumin seeds and bay leaf; and ginger-garlic paste, green chilli and saute in low flame till nice aroma comes out.Add onion and saute till onion become transparent.Add tomato and cook till tomato become mushy.Add turmeric powder and asafoetida and saute for 1min:Add rice, moong daal and saute for 2mins:Add water, salt and mix well.Keep the…

Pineapple Pickle

Pineapple pickle is an instant sweet pickle and is a perfect combination for ghee rice and biriyani. Ingredients Pineapple (ripe) - 1 (medium size)Tamarind - gooseberry sizeGrated Jaggery - 3-4 tbspGarlic (crushed) - 3 tbspGinger (crushed) - 1 tbspGreen Chilli - 2 (finely chopped)Red Chilli Powder - 2 tspAsafoetida - 1/2 tspFenugreek Powder - 1/2 tspMustard Seeds - 1/4 tspOil - 3 tbspSalt - as requiredCurry Leaves - as requiredPreparation Method
Soak the tamarind in half glass warm water and keep aside for 10 mins.Soak grated jaggery in half glass warm water and keep aside 10 mins.Clean the pineapple and cut into small cubes and keep aside.In a wok bring oil to heat, splutter mustard seeds and add ginger, garlic, green chilli and curry leaves and saute in low flame till raw smell goes off.Add pineapple cubes, mix well and cook for 5 mins: in low flame, keeping the lid closed.Add chilli powder, fenugreek powder and saute for 2 mins:Strain tamarind juice and jaggery syrup and add to the pi…

Lotus Seed Masala

Lotus Seeds health benefits includes managing diabetes, treating insomnia, supporting stomach health, slowing down aging process, supporting oral health, and providing instant energy. Other benefits supporting pregnancy, treating ulcers or sore mouths, supporting a healthy appetite, improving urination, maintaining blood pressure, supporting cardiovascular health and healing inflammation and infection.

Lotus Seed - 1 cupOnion - 1 large (finely chopped)Tomato Puree - 1/2 cup (use 2 tomatoes)Potato - 1 medium (cut into cubes)Ginger - Garlic Paste - 1 tspCashew Nuts - handfullFresh Cream - 2tbspBay Leaf - 1Cloves - 3-4Cinnamon - 1 small stickCardamom - 4-5Chilli Powder - 2 tspGaram Masala Powder - 1 tspOil - 2 tbspSalt - as requiredCorriander Leaves - as requiredPreparation Method
Dry roast the lotus seed till it puffed up and keep aside.Soak the cashew nuts and grind to fine paste and keep aside. Heat oil in a thick bottom pan and splutter bay leaf, cloves, cardamom and cinnamo…

Pasta Salad

Pasta - 100 gms: Potato - 1 medium size (cut into cubes)Sweet Corn - 1/4 cupGreenpeas - 1/4 cupCarrot - 1 medium size (finely chopped)Onion - 1 medium size (finely chopped)Capsicum - 1/2 (finely chopped)Tomato - 1 medium size (finely chopped)Mayonnaise - 1/2 cupPlain Yoghurt - 2 tbspFresh Cream - 2 tbspDijon Mustard - 1 tbsp (optional)Chilli Flakes - 1 tspPepper Powder - as requiredSalt - as requiredPreparation Method
Cook Pasta with salt; strain and keep aside.Boil potato, greenpeas and sweet corn with salt; strain water and keep aside.In a glass bowl whisk together mayonnaise, yoghurt, fresh cream, dijon mustard, salt and pepper.Add cooked pasta, potato, sweet corn, greenpeas, carrot, onion, capsicum. tomato and chilli flakes to the sauce and mix well.Add salt and pepper powder as per yout taste and mix well.Keep the salad in refrigerator for 30-45 mins:The cold Pasta Salad is ready to serve as Salad or Starter or a full meal.

Sprout Salad

Ingredients Mixed Sprouts - 1 cupTomato - 1 no: (remove seeds and chop finely)Carrot -  1 no: (finely chopped)Onion - 1 no: (finely chopped)Corriander Leaves -  1 tsp (finely chopped)Lime Juice - 2 tbsp Salt - as requiredCrushed Pepper - as requiredPreparation Method
Mix sprouts, carrot, tomato, onion, corriander leaves and lemon juice and keep aside for 5-10 mins:Add salt and pepper as per the taste and mix well.Serve the healthy Sprout Salad.


Ingredients Butter - 100 gms (in room temp:)Dark Chocolate - 150 gms.Brown Sugar - 100 gms:Egg - 2 nos:Maida - 100 gms.Coco Powder - 2 tbspInstant Coffee Powder - 1 tsp (optional)Baking Powder - 1/4 tspVanilla Essence - 1/2 tspChocolate Chips - 1/2 cupPreparation Method
Preheat the oven to 180 degree C for 10mins:Line an 8"x8" square baking tray, line with butter paper and keep aside.Seive together maida, coco powder, instant coffee powder and baking powder and keep aside.Take butter and dark chocolate in a large heat proof bowl and melt, using double-boiling method or in oven, till it is smooth.Add brown sugar and mix well using a whisk till sugar is completely dissolved.Add one egg at a time and combine well.Gradually add dry ingredients combine well usind spatula or whisk.Add vanilla essence and combine well.Transfer the brownie batter to the prepared tray and level with spatula.Sprinkle chocolate chips over the batter.Bake the bownie in pre-heated oven at 160degree C for 3…